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I was just wondering why I always read these term on my news-feed all the way. I decided to search on Google to get the meaning on this. I discover not only PETMALU use by millennials today. WERPA, LODI are also used to mention in their social media walls. Please read below, you will understand it’s meaning.

If you’ve been seeing the words lodi, werpa, and petmalu on your News Feed lately, don’t be too confused. You might actually be familiar with these terms already. There seems to be a resurgence of the use of colloquial terms in the country, especially online, where people are always creating new modes of communication. This time around, there are fresh—albeit, funny sounding—coined words that millennials are using to express themselves. The style in which these words are fashioned, however, is an old school trick, where the syllables of a particular word are switched around to form a new one.

For example:


If the ‘70s had amats, astig, epats, and olats, and the the ‘80s had jeproks, bagets, and senglot, what kind of words are the kids of today using? Here are some of the most popular slang terms you should know right now, orb. Err, we mean, bro.


Meaning: Someone you look up to.
Origin: Lodi is the reversed form of the word “idol”
In a sentence: “Iba ka talaga, lodi! Galing!”


Meaning: Something that is super amazing.
Origin: Petmalu is the reversed order of syllables of the word “malupet”
In a sentence: “Petmalu ang ulam ko kanina! Sarap!”


Meaning: A guy friend.
Origin: Orb/Orbski is the reversed form of the word “bro/broskie”
In a sentence: “Lika na mga orb/orbski! Alis na tayo!”



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